Lee Greenley Jr. Memorial Research Center

Located in the claypan soil region of northeast Missouri, this Center evaluates efficient and profitable crop production while emphasizing soil conservation, water quality and energy efficiency. It is involved in developing a systems approach for irrigation and drainage using drain tile and studying paired watersheds to evaluate the impact of agroforestry practices on water quality. Ongoing performance testing of corn, soybean, sunflowers, biomass and winter wheat yields results to aid Missouri producers.

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Highlights from our Field Day

The annual Field Day was held on August 6. Educational talks and tours included the new project of subsurface drip irrigation for soybeans and three separate tours geared toward livestock farmers and…

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Managing Water Efficiently

Research Professor Kelly Nelson talks about Greenley Research Center's latest study that involves researching the effects of subsurface drip irrigation systems for corn and soybeans. Yields will…

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Who’ll Report the Rain?

Nancy Bishop, senior research/lab technician, checks rain and other weather gauges at the Horticulture and Agroforestry Research Center in New Franklin. Each day Nancy uploads the recorded data to…

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To Conserve Water, Look to Drip

Lack of water hasn’t been a prominent issue in most of Missouri this year, but in the past decade we have seen a precipitation rollercoaster. Center pivot overhead irrigation systems have been a…

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Virtual Tour of Greenley Research Center