A Big Boost

Greenley Research Center to unveil new farm during field day

The Greenley Research Center will showcase its 240-acre Grace Greenley Farm during its 40th annual field day on Tuesday, Aug. 8. The field day will feature a variety of demonstrations and will officially unveil the Grace Greenley Farm, located just south of the Greenley Research Center. The entire field day will be held at the Grace Greenley Farm, including breakfast, lunch and the…

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An Unusual Month

Hot and dry conditions have been prevalent throughout June

Tony Lupo, a University of Missouri professor of atmospheric sciences, had one word to describe the rather hot and dry month of June: unusual. “When you have a strong El Niño like we did this winter, the summers are hot and dry,” Lupo said. “That heat is usually upfront, in the months of June and July.” Lupo said his team predicted the hot June temperatures back in January. El Niño was…

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Managing Water Efficiently

Greenley Research Center study looks at future of subsurface drip irrigation

Research Professor Kelly Nelson talks about Greenley Research Center’s latest study that … Expand ▸Research Professor Kelly Nelson talks about Greenley Research Center’s latest study that involves researching the effects of subsurface drip irrigation systems for corn and soybeans. Yields will be collected and compared to fields with overhead irrigation and…

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Greater Yields, Fewer Emissions

New farming method reduces nitrous oxide greenhouse gases

Can farmers reduce a gas thought to contribute to global warming and increase production simply by adopting a new tillage practice? A research agronomist at the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources thinks he has found the way. U.S. agriculture creates 58 percent of nitrous oxide in the world, considered the third most prevalent greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Scientists believe…

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